Matt Spangard

Builder of products, platforms and businesses.

I have been leading the strategy, development and promotion of digital platforms and products for more than 15 years. During that time, I have built and led both local and distributed teams from the USA, UK and Canada.

The platforms and products I have helped create have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

I thrive on leading teams to build experiences and products that people love. 


I’ve worked with
organizations of all sizes,
from startups to titans.

These are just a few of them:



I built and led the teams that:

  • Created the world’s largest open innovation platform, now traded on NASDAQ ($EDNT).

  • Created a Software-as-a-Service marketplace to help university tech transfer offices license their intellectual property to corporations.

  • Created Sophie, the world's first AI financial advisor.

  • Created a predecessor to the Ring Video Doorbell.

  • Created an early IoT product and platform that was funded on Shark Tank.

  • Created the "IP Awareness & Assessment Tool" for the US Patent Office to help companies identify intellectual property opportunities and threats.

Other noteworthy achievements:

  • I have co-founded several companies, usually serving in a CTO or VP of product/engineering role.

  • I have developed both digital and physical products.

  • I have spoken on the topic of innovation at summits across the country and with media outlets such as CNN and NPR’s Marketplace.

  • I co-produced four seasons of an Emmy award-winning television series about innovation.

  • I have won numerous awards in the following fields: digital, journalism, advertising, television and short film.

  • I have been coding/programming since I was 8 when I won an Atari 400 from a McDonald’s scratch-off contest. The most obscure language I've learned was AOL's Rainman. The most versatile? JavaScript.


Charlotte, NC


Career overview



Download a copy of my résumé for an in-depth look into my background.




I believe strongly in continuous learning and have picked up some unique skills over the years.







Strategic Partnerships

Change Management

Managing Distributed Teams


Open Innovation

Social Innovation

Product Innovation

Brand Innovation

Product Development

Brand Development

Product Development

Product Management


Digital Product Design

Platform Development

Agile Methodologies

MVP Theory


Project Management

CX / UX / UI

Programming / Coding

Information Architecture

Web Design / Development

Digital Marketing / Advertising

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing



Bitcoin / Crypto


Unmanned Aerial Systems

sUAS Operation

Aerial Photography

Aerial Cinematography

Aerial Mapping





Television Production

Video Production

Media & Public Relations


I am an avid designer,
photographer and maker.


Board & advisory roles

Blue Blaze Brewing
Founding Member, Board of Directors

Innovation Advisor

Technology Advisor

I’m always open to helping interesting companies.

Please let me know if I can connect you with these companies or if your company needs help.



It’s a great school but don’t ever drink the water from the Old Well.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I spent one year at the University of Illinois before seeking greater adventure. Despite 36,000 undergraduates, it felt like I knew everyone after a few months.

I transferred to UNC-Chapel Hill as a sophomore and studied abroad for a semester at the University of Wollongong in Australia as a junior.

I earned a bachelor’s degree from UNC’s School of Media & Journalism.


Recent certifications

I hold an sUAS pilot (commercial drone operator) certificate.
Federal Aviation Administration License: 3979868.

I am a Certified Bitcoin Professional.
C4 Certificate ID: 2eff30.


A B L — Always Be Learning

Whether through my own research or online education platforms, I’m always learning.

From new programming methodologies to new technologies, there’s way too much innovation out there to put yourself in a box.



From: Mike Kozono, Senior Backend Developer, GitLab

It has been a pleasure working with Matt because of his open and collaborative management style.

As a developer, being able to talk through the technical challenges of a problem with him allowed us to efficiently find the best solution.

He dives deep into projects like he does with his hobbies (if there’s something to know about Jeeps, cameras, or drones, he’ll know it).

I would jump at the opportunity to work with Matt again!


From: William Braunlin, Patent Agent, Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers, LLP

When I joined Access Innovation as CSO, one of the strongest selling points of the company was the versatile and user-friendly software platform that Matt and his team of software engineers developed to facilitate interaction among university innovators, corporate end-users and our team of technology evaluators and match-makers.

Once I joined the team and began working with Matt, I was amazed by his ability to rapidly enhance the platform, tailoring it to the needs of the end-user.

Working with Matt was a pleasure. He is very bright, verbal and people-oriented, with a can-do attitude and ability to juggle multiple projects and goals simultaneously.

He has a rare combination of technical savvy and the ability to communicate with end-users with all manner of backgrounds.

If you have the opportunity to engage him, do so. You will not regret your decision. I recommend him without reservation.

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matt at spangard dot com

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